Note: I move accounts from JZ2X1 to this one Hello Everyone! I decided to make a new strategy page about IXA because of it's rework. This rework consists of a new targeting move, and also upgraded moves like a damage ignoring move. Because of it's rework, many people are complaning because it's now too strong. But counters are possible. 

Playing with IXA

Melee Mode
  • Click: This move allows you to move around while stabbing twice. it is basicially a upgraded version of the normal click. It allows you to quickly deal damage. You should use it when your opponent is stunned.
  • E: This move allows you to perform a quick shor dash forwards to your cursor. You can use this move to quickly dodge projectile. You can also use this move to quickly stab your opponent while dodging any move it tries at you.
  • R: This move allows you to quickly perform quick but short dashes that also allow you to ignore damage. This move is also useful for jumping across the subway part, (Jump and use the E move). It allows you to get to your opponent while dodging all the attacks your opponent throws at you. 
  • F: While using this move, your opponent will stay away from you from a distance. You can use this move when your opponent is coming towards you, and you can also combo it with first using the R or E move followed by F. You quickly get to your opponent safely, in range for the F attack.
Gimmick Mode
  • Click: This move has small range, but it has a small cooldown. This move is useful to keep a distance away from your opponent. You should use this move when your opponent is stunned from the E move.
  • E: This move has long range, but you need good aim as it does not have a very wide range. which also lasts for a while. It stuns your opponent when they get hit by it. If any enemy touches it while its still there, they take damage and they get stunned too. You can combo this move by using the F or R move afterwards. 
  • R: This move is very useful for those people who are both close or far away from you. It allows you to force your opponent to dodge, while escaping or getting ready for another attack. You can combo it by first stunning it using the E move, then use the R move to hit them.
  • F: This move has very long range, but you also need good aim as it has a short range. You can use this move when your opponent is stunned by the E move. 
  • You can blobk for ever, but you are unable to move or jump. You take less damage the further the attack is from you. It is useful for protecting yourself from ranged moves.

Playing against IXA

Melee Mode
  • Click: This move is easy to counter if you keep a safe distance from it. If you use long range moves, then you can easily dodge this move. 
  • E: This move dashes fowards, which does not go for very long. It is easy to dodge if you take sharp and quick turns. You can then use a shock move to counter.
  • R: This move is easy to counter if you keep a safe distance from it. You can wait for the move to finish, and then use a projectile move to hurt them. You can also wait until it stops in front of you, and you can use a shock move to counter.
  • F: When they use this move, they cannot move or jump. If you are from a safe distance from it, you can use a projectile move which hurts them. You can also jump to dodge it, but you need good timing. A move that makes you jump to potentially dodge this move.
Gimmick Mode
  • Click: If they use this move against you, you just need to keep a safe distance from it. You can easily dodge this move and attack them using a projectile or shock move. 
  • E: This move is easy to dodge if you quickly take sidesteps. If you get caught in the move, you will get stunned. if you dash in a circle around the enemy, using projectile moves, you can dodge while attacking.
  • R: This move is quite hard to dodge, but it is possible to dodge it. When they use this move, you needt to quickly dash away from its range. Once out of it's range, you can use ranged moves to attack it.
  • F: This move is easy to dodge, since it's quite hard to aim. You just have to keep a safe distance, or just dash arount the enemy. You can counter by using shock moves or stunning moves.
  • This move makes them unable to attack, move and jump. You should use melee moves, as ranges moves deal low or no damage to the player.
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