Hello Everyone! I decided to make a strategy page about Narukami because there is currently no page about it. Narukami is a S+ Quinque that unleashes condensed rc cells in form of electricity. It was welded by Arima.

Playing with Narukami
Ranged Mode
Click: This move shoots a quick electrical ball. It is useful when your enemy is stunned because of it's short cooldown.
E: This move is a stronger version of the click move, and you should use it when you have time to attack. It deals high damage and it has a slighly bigger hitbox.
R: This move is really useful because of it's targeting feature. You should use it when you are close to your opponent, so it is easy for the attack to reach. It travels quickly, which means that they have to dash to escape. 
F: When you use this move, you have to make sure the enemy is close to you. The move is quite big which makes it easy to aim. It also follows for a while which makes it easy to target the enemy.
Sword Mode
Click: This move is useful because i has a short cooldown. You can quickly deal damage while your enemy cannot escape.
E: This move is useful for quickly getting to your opponent while also dodging attacks. You can also use the move to dodge other people's attacks.
R: This move covers more area than the normal click move. You can use it when your enemy is close to you or stunned.
F: This move allows you attack multiple times which allows you deal high damage to your enemy while they are stunned.
Playing against Narukami
Ranged Mode
Click: This move is easy to dodge because it has a small hitbox. But because of it's short cooldown, you would have to dodge quickly there would be many electric bolts coming at you.
E: This move is also easy to dodge, because of it's long cooldown. You can easily dodge it.
R: This move is hard to dodge, but you can keep dashing quickly otherwise you would be hit. You should also keep a safe distance so the move cannot detect you.
F: This move is easy to dodge if you keep a distance from it as the move does not travel really fast. 
Sword Mode
Click: This move does not have really big range, so it is easy to dodge if you stay a distance from it.
E: This move is easy to dodge if you keep a safe distance. It's about how far you are from the enemy. You can counter by using a ranged move.
R: This move is easy to dodge, even though there are 3 electric bolts. You can easily dodge them by dashing as they do not follow the player. But it can be quite effective on suprise attacks.
F: This has a decent hitbox, so you will have to react quickly when the enemy uses it. It's useless when from far away, but if close, it can deal decent damage.

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