This is an idea of mine I've had for a while (please be honest with what you think about this idea but please don't be mean).

My idea is to restrict certain areas of the map and you can only unlock it until you're a certain level and certain areas have certain NPCs and different weapon stations. For example, if you just started out the game, you will spawn in one of the tall buildings. Now you can walk around the area, lets call this area beginner area. So, in that beginning area, the only NPCs that spawn are humans, rank 3 investigators, rank 2 investigators, and low-rank aogori members. The weapon station also only restricts certain weapons that you can only buy in certain areas. After you reach a certain level, let's say level 150, you can go to the next area. The next area will be bigger and the only NPCs that spawn in it will be humans, athletes, rank 1 investigators, rank 2 investigators, middle-rank aogori member. The weapon station in this area will be medium-level weapons. Also, at one point there should be an area( I'm thinking it should be anteiku ) where you need to be level 750, and Eto only spawns in the area 750 or higher. Now what I'm hoping is that this makes leveling more exciting because you can reach different areas, and you see new things and not just the same boring thing over and over. Also, the weapon station idea in my opinion, is very good because it lessens the chances of you accidentally buying the wrong weapon, although buying the wrong weapon is a low chance of happening, but it can still happen. Which is why the weapon station that contains all the high level / good weapons should only be in the highest level area. So, this makes sure that when someone is about to buy owl they don't accidentally but T human or Ixa. This weapon station idea also helps keeps the weapons very organized and helps beginners know which weapon is low level, medium level, or high level.

Also while thinking about this I got a new idea where when you meet the level requirements to go to another area, instead of just being able to go to another area you have to do a mission first. The mission will send you into a building where you have to either fight aogori members or investigators, depending on whether you're ccg or not. There will be a bunch of enemies coming at you all at once and you have to fight them. After beating all of them there will be one aogori member or investigator that has more health than normal and actually uses the quinques or kagunes abilities, like eto, the final boss will also dash just a bit, not too much to seem like a player but enough to be tough. ( I was thinking the building you get put in should be the unused building near kami university, and make sure there arent any barriers in the building or make the npcs smarter so they don't get cheesed by using walls)

please don't be so rush to not like this

just please try to think about it

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