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Hello everybody! As of 08/12/2019, I am glad to tell you that this is the first news blog post that I made. Despite the fact that a news blog post has already been made in July, I volunteered myself to make one in this August.

Before we get into the news, let's take a look at the statistics of our Wiki!

Statistics & Other

  • In the previous week, our wiki gained a total of 287,6K views and 541 edits!
    • Around 85K of these views were for the Codes page once again, as this page is currently the most viewed page in our Wiki! you code-hungry boys
    • If we look back further in the last 4 weeks, the Codes page had an astonishing amount of around 396K views! When comparing to the last statistic of July, the amount of views seem to fluctuate, but the average amount is still something that we can be proud of.
    • Minus the homepage, Eto is the second most viewed page in our Wiki with a huge amount of around 5K views!
    • Finally, Takizawa is the third most viewed page with a big amount of around 4K views.
  • As of now, we have 28,272 edits, 64 pages and 1,407 images in our Wiki. That's one good progression so far!
  • i just reached 7k edits
  • Today is the birthday of Ox Rookbane! Happy birthday to the hard-working Owner of the Wiki! Feel free to go to this thread and send your birthday wishes to him if you want to, we appreciate all kind of supports!
  • Narukami has its comments enabled once again. Usual normal debates are fine, but please stop heated debates in the comment section of the pages, and please learn to respect each other in the Wiki and read the policies. There is no reason to insult someone just because he/she has an opinion towards something that you disagree, especially in this Wiki.

Now that we have looked at the statistics, let's get to the normal businesses.

Navigation Box

To be able to make our users navigate through the Wiki in a faster and easier way, we have decided to make a navigation box and add it at the bottom of most of the pages, so that we don't need to search for the page that we want to look at by going back to the home page and finding it or using the search bar. We worked on this new navigation box, but you can thank Ox Rookbane for adding this navigation box in the pages, as I was too busy at the moment we finished it. not gonna lie he was pretty much happy with these free edits

Community Page

If you feel like you have nothing to do in the Wiki, we have added a to-do-list in our Community Page. Feel free to take a look at it and complete the tasks if you want to! You can access the community page by going to the explore tab and clicking on "Community", by typing "Special:Community" in the search bar or just by clicking here.

About Strategy Blog Posts

If you have noticed in the Strategies page, most of the strategy blog posts are outdated and old, and I haven't been working on one lately. It is a bit harsh to know for some of you, but I (kinda) gave up on strategy blog posts. I have way too many personal issues and I lack time as of now. Currently, I expect interested wiki viewers or staff members to volunteer themselves to make a strategy blog post if they want to. If you are interested, you can just send a message on my wall to ask if you can make one, and if I accept, feel free to create the strategy blog post! I will make sure to fix it and feature it in the Strategies page and the Wiki Feed!

Summing up the Current State of the Game

smh 3x exp event has ended

As most of you know, so many leaks of the revamped EtoK2 are being shown to the public, and it seems that it is exciting a lot of players, despite not showing the moves. ReEtoK2 is still being worked on, and you can feel free to follow the development by joining the Official Ro-Ghoul Discord.

3x EXP Event has also ended yesterday. I don't know about you, but I really enjoyed this event a lot! Despite not being able to reach the max level, I grinded enough in the game to get to a satisfying level, and I am already happy with it.

This is something that not most of you know, but Sushi is currently planning on adding a superjump in the game. By pressing a specific key, you can jump higher than usual! It's not a big feature, but it still might affect the game a lot. At the same time as this feature is being added, keybinds for other moves such as blocking or punching might be reworked on. Prepare to change your habits.

Future of the Wiki

As we always try to improve our wiki, we have things planned everytime. Currently, this is our planning and what we think about adding:

  • I have received some complaints that the Ro-Ghoul Wiki was pretty much bad in mobile, so we are currently planning on making the Wiki compatible for it.
Mobile compatibility was not our first goal with the Wiki. We've been setting it up and creating it as we went and we wanted our first priority to be focused on the website since the majority of our users will be using PCs. Since mobile is quite different from a PC view, this'll be a harder task to better port our Wiki to a mobile view. Generally, any new projects/pages that are created on the Wiki will focus on a website-view than a mobile view. They'll later be fixed to support FANDOM's mobile set-up. Please be patient as we learn to better adjust our pages and Wiki to mobile. This isn't an easy task and we may never fully make our site compatible as nobody here is truly a programmer. We're all just hobbyists googling stuff and learning on the way. - Ox, editing in this message from comments
  • Looking at the current state of the game, the Eto page is expected to be updated when ReEtoK2 comes, though, don't update it now, we don't want to add unreleased contents in our Wiki.
  • Due to the superjump update, we are currently planning on adding an information about controls of the game in the Wiki, though we are still searching for a way to do it.

The Staff Applications for the Wiki are still open. If you are interested, feel free to apply! If you want to apply but you think that you lack edits, it's fine, everything about this problem is in this blog post.

This is all today for this month of August, thank you for your attention and have a great time!

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