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It has come to a point where this is starting to get out of hands now. I thought maybe having some "cheeky" responses to these sorts of comments would work a bit more, but it's apparent that this is not the case. Let me begin by explaining something quickly:

"Player Suggestions" are asking which kagune/quinque to buy/is better or what stats one should have.

It has become a problem due to the number of comments on the pages and the number of messages on the staff's Message Walls. The same question is constantly being asked over and over again with no end in sight. If you sincerely must ask what you should buy or which is better, please look for your question on a page's comments and see if someone has already asked and received an answer to your question. Chances are that the question has indeed been answered before. As for stats, please keep it out of comments for Kagune/Quinque pages. It doesn't belong there.

Soon in the future, we will be creating a Community Board page. This page will have content that regards to our Wiki and the game and will allow for a little more of community interaction. There'll be more polls for users to vote on and view; there'll be featured blogs in the community from you, the user; there'll be a category for strategy blogs to once again to be featured; and more. This'll hopefully help clear up the same questions that show up again and again.

The creation of the Community Board will then set up a new rule prohibiting Player Suggestions. Any comments or Message Wall posts will be deleted and not answered. No, the Community Board will not contain a section to "answer" these questions. With the featuring of strategy blogs once more and general polls, this should eliminate the need for these questions. Also, just view our pages and read about the item yourself and decide from there. The Wiki was created to help document and list the in-game content and provide a source for users to refer to when making a purchase. However, it is not being used for that, but instead, as simply a Forum Board where the same question is asked over and over again. Please do the research and make a decision for yourself. If you must ask the question, visit our "Discussions" area on the Wiki and create a post there. The "Discussions" feature on all Wikis are there for discussing the topic(s) a Wikia is about. You'll have a better chance there and it'll be a much better place for you to discuss with other users. Please, consider giving it a try!