If you've seen the Official Ro-Ghoul Discord Server, you may have noticed the new channel labeled "#info". This channel contains only one thing at present at the time of this blog: a link to a Trello page. This begins a complicated tale that I will elaborate as this will then lead to the stance of this Wiki.

User:ComedyFury reached out a while back to the Community Manager of Ro-Ghoul, Tune, about a partnership with the Wiki and the official staff. From what I recall between our conversation, it seems like it wasn't going to happen. Instead, they had said they wish to create a Trello to "replace" us (for a lack of better words) I have attempted myself to reach out and talk about it, and yet, I have found my messages ignored completely (granted, Tune's busy and would've probably overlooked it). Yet, I have never been spoken to by anyone. I am a bit disappointed at that.

Our Wiki has been acknowledged by the developer, the community, and perhaps a few members of the staff team. We have not gone unnoticed. Our traffic is rather strong and I'm proud of the work the community has done to make this Wiki happen. Were it not for some amazing contributors in the beginning from the old wiki and new ones that joined us here when we had just started out, the Ro-Ghoul Wiki would not have made it far nor lasted as long as it has. I am grateful for the community that has gathered here despite the occasional bad apples you'll always get.

Our Wiki has been around for a long time and it plans to stay. Despite the creation of the Trello, we will still continue to update our pages and provide resources to the community. While the Official Staff Team has provided images on their Trello, we will not use them. Our goal is to remain community-driven. That means we will use photos and gifs from our users and not from the devs. While this may seem more complicated in the long run, we want to foster a place for the community to collect and present their information. We will not give that up.

We do not know what the future is going to bring, so we are hoping for only the best. The FANDOM platform is better designed for information and looks more visually appealing than Trello, and we want to provide an experience that looks fantastic as well as feels good. We hope the platform will also get users involved in learning about different aspects of many kinds, from coding to managing a wiki, to writing articles, and even from having friendly discussions with other members. We know that the FANDOM platform will provide more for users than Trello, so we shall keep the Wiki going. Whether or not this is all one big overreaction post, I do not know; but, I believe it is best that we inform users. Thank you.

-Ox Rookbane - Wiki Owner 03:00, January 20, 2020 (UTC)

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