Greetings, everyone.

Some pages are beginning to grow long due to the amount of content they have. For example, the Kaneki page has all six stages posted, described, and with each move set documented (descriptions, gifs, and all). Some users may find the size of the page to be quite troubling or a little too crowded for viewing. To combat this and make pages more condensed, I decided to test out using "collapsibles". This'll allow viewers to open and close different parts of the page for ease of access.

Currently, there are two pages that use collapsibles, but in two different manners:

  • Eto
    • This page makes every individual stage collapsible but under one parent collapsible. Each individual stage is not hosted in their own collapsible. Once you click "Expand", all the sub-sections under "Stages" are revealed.
  • Kaneki
    • This page still holds the information regarding stages visible, however, the "Moves" mini-section are all collapsible inside of their respective stage.
    • I have considered changing this to having the information for each stage there, but you'll have to click the "Expand" button for the respective collapsible in the stage to view it. You'll still see the sub-section for each stage under the section "Stages" (these sub-sections are "Stage 1", "Stage 2", for example), but their information will be hidden in the collapsible. That way, you can click on the "Expand" button for that stage and choose to only view that stage.

What are your thoughts on this? Please, review the pages and comment here or on the pages about these changes. Your opinions matter to us.

Rookbane, Owner of Ro-Ghoul Wiki 23:53, May 9, 2019 (UTC)

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