Since I'm bored and I've had a meaningful discussion with a few others on this topic, I'd like to know some of your thoughts on the current state of Ro-Ghoul. Recently, Alex released a Strawpoll asking a similar question. Here, I'd like to ask the Wikia users their thoughts and be able to have a discussion on them.

I'll start with what bothers me the most, and that is what I realized recently: new players for Ghouls have it pretty badly. For me, I do not like the lack of lower-tiered kagunes for lower-leveled players and new players. Currently, only Kaneki, Touka, Nishiki, and Tsukiyama are starter kagunes. Kaneki has over 9000 stages (hyperbole)-- three being additions to the basic kagune. Nishiki has a low-tier kakuja. Tsukiyama has nothing. Touka has a slightly better stage. Everyone's first choice is to flock to Kaneki for those kakujas, which is understandable. But what about the other three kagunes? They're either obsolete or rarely used. Moving onto buying new kagunes outside of that, you are left with a very slim selection. Only Hinami or Yamori. Eto and Noro had both of their prices increased, with Eto being the significant increase. To those who had Eto before-hand, you are now stuck on Stage 1 if you don't meet the new requirements for Stage 2. If you don't AFK-Farm or grind the game 24/7 as some do, you're not going to touch Stage 2 anytime soon. If you started with Kaneki or bought it early in your path to "RK-ing an entire server", you'll have access to some kakujas before you reach the Yen amount to buy a new kagune of your choice. If you chose to buy Noro because it was cheaper, then congratulations! You'll only have access to the first stage. The first stage is not miserable at all, but it can seem like it lacks. And all that RC you gathered with your first kagune? Gone. All of it. And Noro's kakuja requires 15M RC Cells and a level requirement of 1500+. If you use your trainers all the way, you'll only gain about ~510 levels (1,020 if you have Double EXP gamepass; it's also not the best idea to use trainers too early as later on, it gets harder. This is how it is currently with the number of trainers we have at the time of writing). Every kagune afterward is essentially the same-- except for Kosshi. Kosshi may be one of your best bets if you do not want to grind even further for insane amounts of RC-- it's a one-time buy for a kagune that performs very well and without any kakujas.

To pull all those points together in that paragraph: Casual/New players will have to invest a lot of time and grinding into getting where they want to be. And the reward for it? The one stage/kagune they wanted. If you enjoy the PVP-aspect of Ro-Ghoul, then you'll be able to have fun fighting with what you got. If you aren't willing to invest time/grinding/AFKing into the game, you will not get anywhere (hyperbole; if you choose to invest an hour a day, you can reach your goal, but it'll take forever-- even longer without 2x gamepasses). That may be the goal the developer has in mind for Ro-Ghoul-- to make it a very grindy game-- so my opinion is probably obsolete and just shows that this isn't the game for me LOL. (Also, that was just Ghoul-only. I main CCG and this is what I experience after never playing ghoul)

So, what are your thoughts? What do you think about Ro-Ghoul currently as it is?
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