As the year begins to come to a close and the holidays start coming (and they don't stop coming), I'd like to start and say "happy holidays" to everyone for whatever you do (or don't) celebrate. Cheers. x
With a new year comes new changes. As a reminder, please keep in mind that you are abiding by our policies. We'll have another year together of new opportunities with the game and the wiki. As new features and content come into the game, make sure to follow the Manual of Style. We'll surely be seeing new kagunes and quinques, but in the near future: quinxes. We recommend refraining from editing the Quinx page from now until a few days after the update is released as we'll need to do some reclassifying and creating new materials.
2020 will bring interesting things for us to delve into together, from updates for Ro-Ghoul to updates for the Wikia platform. We'll be learning and working together for another whole year, so please, remember to be respectful to each other. :)

-Ox Rookbane - Wiki Owner 17:53, December 16, 2019 (UTC)

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