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As mentioned in User blog:Ox Rookbane/(READ) Player Suggestions, I mentioned our next feature that I wanted to include on this Wiki. That feature is the Community Portal. The Community Portal was created to act as a more efficient means of promoting social activity on the Wiki within acceptable places.


The goals of the Community Portal are simple.

  • We want to link the community together by promoting different methods to do so. Discussions and Blogs are a great way to communicate instead of filling in comments.
  • We want to be able to feature what people are discussing in the community. Blogs we find worthy of reading or engaging in a discussion with can be featured. We don't want to promote solely staff-content. That'll be left to our homepage.
  • Quick and easy feedback on certain topics about the game or about our Wiki are some of the things we want, so the Community Portal will do so by allowing those to discuss and vote on certain topics.

Beta Phase

Currently, the Community Portal is in what I am calling the "Beta" phase. It is not in the current state that I would like to call "finished". There are indeed things I would want to be added to the Portal, but I do not have any more to add. Please consider recommending templates to us or sharing any code for any (in the comments on this blog, please). The layout of the Portal is also subject to change. Suggest anything about the Portal you like.

Accessing the Portal

Accessing the Portal is simple. Either visit Ro-Ghoul Wiki:Community Portal or click on the "Community" tabber in the hotbar, next to the "Popular Pages" tabber. Don't bring down the drop-down menu, but click on "Community".

Quick tutorial!