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Happy Spring, everyone! The first day of Spring began on the 19th (2 days ago) and it does not feel like Spring where I live... Well, even if the weather is nice outside, please try to keep to yourself during these unusual times as CORVID-19 is floating around. The Ro-Ghoul Wiki wishes for everyone to remain safe indoors and stay away from people. Though, feel free to step outside onto your lawn and enjoy some fresh air, or open a window.


So... let's talk about some data & statistics about the wiki!

  • Based on the last 30 days, the Ro-Ghoul Wiki received a whopping 1,078,138 total page views.
  • No surprise that the Codes page leads in the most-viewed page. It's been viewed 457,244 times in the past 30 days and has been searched for 1,438 times. No other page is even close to that.
  • Most of our page views come from users located in the Phillippines with the United States behind by a significant margin. Plenty of other nations from across the globe are represented in this. Global information!!!
  • The next staff birthday (that I know of D:) is BleizSama's on May 8th. :)

Staying Healthy

As CORVID-19 is doing its thing and government officials rush to contain the spread of such, it is important to follow directions set in place by the CDC and WHO. Please remain safe and stay at home as much as possible. Understand that some platforms, games, and services may be overloaded with the number of people staying home from work and from school. Please be patient with ROBLOX and other services during this time, please, and stay healthy so we can end this together. Don't go stocking up on toilet paper...

During this time, we encourage users to stay home and enjoy playing some video games with friends. Take this time to play Ro-Ghoul or contribute to this wiki. Take this time to make some progress in that one game you've been holding off on forever. Take this time to play Animal Crossing: New Horizon or DOOM. Cheers!

-Ox Rookbane - Wiki Owner 15:35, March 21, 2020 (UTC)