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The Ro-Ghoul Wiki has grown for almost 2 years now. Our Wiki has ran on the same policies for that long, with some evolution over time to fit with the times and new concerns. However, these policies are outdated and still do not cover a good majority of the sections needed to be covered.

Today, I am announcing that we will be releasing new policy pages. These policies have been written thoroughly and have been reviewed by the Wiki Manager to ensure everything is understandable and correct.

New Policies

The new policies are as listed here:


For a long time, I have been running this Wiki by myself and moderating it by myself. Many of the ways I moderated were unclear and were very contingent on how I felt. It wasn't a very transparent practice. I attempted numerous times to update rules to be more clear. However, I didn't do a good enough job.

Because of this, I decided to redo ALL of our policies, rules, and guidelines. And because I'm bored. Quarantine hasn't let me go out and do anything, so I've been staying in when I'm not working and doing Wiki stuff. Now, our governing documents and how moderation is done is going to be much more consistent and cleaner now. All for the betterment of our Wiki. :)

When is this effective?

Now. Seriously.

I don't like these new policies

By continuing to participate on the Ro-Ghoul Wiki, you are agreeing to the rules, policies, and guidelines we have in place along with FANDOM's policies. If you think something genuinely is wrong with the policies or believe something should be changed/removed, feel free to comment your thoughts.

Where are the old rules and stuff going?

They will be deleted to prevent confusion. Old Message Wall Greetings cannot be updated to feature the new one which will contain the new policies being introduced today. New users will receive the newer, updated greeting with the new policies. The Navigation Bar will be adjusted to include the newer policies.

Manual of Style

The Manual of Style has a new addition: citations. To follow a more professional approach and to properly attribute our information, the Ro-Ghoul Wiki is now requiring that our pages that contains information from Tokyo Ghoul and not the Ro-Ghoul game be cited. You can see more about that policy by clicking the link above or by clicking here:Project:Manual of Style#Citations


Any edits made to the blog that includes new additions will be added here