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It's been a couple of months since I've written an update news post and gave announcements on here. So, I decided to recap mostly the beginning of 2019 and perhaps the end of 2018. So, without further ado, let us begin.

Domain Change

If you haven't already seen the dreadful banner issued by the FANDOM Staff when visiting any Wikia in the beginning of the year of 2019, you'll have noticed that every Wikia has now changed to a "" domain. Ro-Ghoul Wiki is no different. Our link has now become Old links that still use the "" domain should still redirect to the proper place, but for future references and moving forward, please use "". We are unsure if they'll discontinue the redirects for such links.

Homepage Update

The homepage has been revamped and updated to look cleaner and fit on the page without requiring a large scroll bar. What do you think of it? We're continuously working to improve our Wikia with visual updates and information. Feel free to leave feedback in the discussions section of the blog post or even in "Discussions" on the Wikia.

Thank you, ComedyFury, for providing the new home page!

Fun Fact!

Recently, I'm pretty sure we were noticed by SushiWalrus, the developer for Ro-Ghoul, for our page Takizawa. It was hinted at in a post in the Ro-Ghoul Discord in the #announcements. Pretty exciting! Link to the image


We are still in desperate need of GIFs for Kagunes and Quinques. Check out pages for any kagune and quinque and see if you can help out by providing some GIFs to our cause! Once you get them, you can feel free to add them to our tables or contact a member of the staff team here on Ro-Ghoul Wiki.


Join our Ro-Ghoul Wikia Discord! You can find our Discord in the new, nifty side-bar that shows users who are currently online! Come and talk with us! x

One Last Note

We do NOT make codes whatsoever. Nobody on the Ro-Ghoul Wikia has power to create any codes whatsoever for any in-game currency or feature and we will NEVER be able to. Please, stop asking us for codes! We only record the codes posted from the official Ro-Ghoul Discord. Again, we do NOT create codes whatsoever!

Rookbane, Owner of Ro-Ghoul Wiki 16:32, February 27, 2019 (UTC)