(ok this is my fourth attempt to make this because my pc kept shutting down)

hi guys

imma tell you how to get SSS OwO- Owl today

1. Levels

1. Triangle Method

It's outside the arena (three aogiri spawns). The arena is the big black building you can't miss.

2. Trainers

Self explanatory

3. Autoclicking

Find an autoclicker, set it to the click you want, and go afk. ez levels lol

2. Eto Kills

Ranged strat: Get her to a fence (preferably Cargo Base) and get on a container. After that, after she does a ranged attack, jump down and do a ranged atttack.

Melee strat: uhhh.... use all your attacks i guess. and get a vip server

3. Yen

1. Rep

Triangle Method, turn in.

2. Actually getting it with kills

i think you know what this means

aight this done kthxbye

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