So, I'm planning to make a blog post every time a new update comes out, predicting what will come next. I hope that the community enjoys it. So, lets get right into the prediction.

All of the new updates we've had so far have come from something. Lots of people might not know this, but a while ago, and I mean a few months ago, SushiWalrus created two polls. One for the ghoul updates, and one for the CCG updates. The top of the ghoul updates were Tatara and Takizawa, and for the CCG, it was Scorpion 1/56 and Ginkui. All of these quinques and kagunes were added and for Takizawa, added some new stages. So, we can expect that whats coming next is also in the poll. For the ghoul side, we have a rework for most of Kaneki's stages, which I would love, because Kaneki is the oldest kagune in the game, and also, because I think the tentacles for the first couple of stages are short, and small. There should be a feature, where Kaneki's tentacles get bigger the more kagune stat you have. Anyway, lets get back on topic. Another thing for the ghoul side is a new EtoK3. I believe that this is the one to look forward to, and is most likely, because recently, SushiWalrus got rid of saying he would make a new EtoK2, and put EtoK3 as, now, EtoK2 in the stages for Eto. I think Eto needs a new stage, and I can't wait to see what it is. And also, it will probably be OC, because Eto's kakuja doesn't change much after the beast. And now, for the CCG side updates. These are less likely, since a new quinque just came out. One of the top options on the poll was a revamp for 13's Jason. 13's Jason is also owned by the owner of Scorpion 1/56, as a bit of trivia, and that would make a bit of a double update for him. A revamp for this old quinque would be pretty cool, but I think it doesn't need one. This quinque is a thing of the past, and I think it should stay that way. And lastly, we have an update that adds the quinque, Higher Mind. Higher Mind is a large laser cannon that can swap to a melee mode baton mode. Higher Mind is one of my favorite quinques, because I am a fan of giant laser and electric quinques. Well, same goes for whips, but thats not for an update coming too soon.

Well, that was all the options i think we may have in the next update! Again, since Sushi has already begun with working on the new EtoK3, thats what I think it will be. What do you think the next update will be? Just poll!

EDIT: According to SushiWalrus's update plan, before the next update listed here, which WILL BE A GHOUL UPDATE, there will first be a ghoul trainer, then a CCG trainer.

Next Update?

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