Takizawa is a really good kagune, along with its new two kakujas. Well, lets get right in and talk about some strategies for it.

Taki1(Stage 1):

Click: A fast, spammable slice. Not the best move to use in the midst of a PvP match, but if you stun your opponent with E, then you can attack with this quickly for a few seconds, but that is only recommended if your other moves are on cooldown.

E: This move can be used in great combos with the R, F, and C. If use the E move, then the F to deal massive damage, a quick C, and an R, that would be a great combo. Becuase of the quick F, the opponent would take massive damage, they might be able to dodge the C, but then throw the R at them.

R: It is fairly hard to dodge. This move can be used to puch people away, and to just try to get a hit on an opponent. If you are fighting multiple people, this move will be more useful, because in the middle of a fight, somebody, out of nowhere, shoots multiple shards at you. It will also deal damage to multiple players, it has a large range.

F: This move is very easy to dodge, since it is just one shard, so you have to use it carefully. When you are up close to an opponent, try to pull of this move. The will be suprised and back up, taking massive damage from the explosion.

C: You jump up, and shoot many shards dowmn to the ground in front of you. This move doesn't have much rabge, and can be dodged farly easily. You can use this as a suprise attack, because you usually can only dodge this when you know its coming. You can also pull it off in close range, like with the F. You can use this to push the opponent back, although if you're not careful, they could dogde it and begin attacking you.

TakiK1(Stage 2):

Click: Only recommended to use whne the opponents is stunned, like the first stage's click.

E: Good to use after the F, since the F increases the speed majorly, getting you close enough to your opponent to pull off this move. Make sure there is also a C shard nearby, to throw the opponent on to.You can do a quick combo, where you use C, then use F, which is boosted by the C, and when they are no longer stunned, quickly use the E, and deal massive damage.

R: If your opponent is going into close range, you can do the ultimate combo, with a quick R, while they're close, then while they're stunned, use C, then F, which will be useful, since they're stunned, and the C boosts it, then when they are no longer stunned, use the E move. This combo is sure to bring enormous damage.

F: This move can be used to catch up with your opponent, and get close, or just as an attack, or maybe even both. But make sure there is a C shard nearby to boost the power. This move is good for combos, and enemies who like to run.

C: This move is just used to boost other moves, thats it, just used in a combo.

TakiK2(Stage 3):

Click: This move is not recommended for combat, since it has bad range, and a fairly high cooldown.

E: Since this move has more range than the previous stage, it is a bit better. It can be used in a combo where you use F to deal some damage, then a quick E, and a C that does massive damage. The F is not needed to pull off this combo.

R: This move has also improved in the next stage. You can use it in the combo, R, to stun the opponent, F, to deal damage, E, to throw the oppoenent and deal more damage, and C, which does more damage over range, so it deal massive damage.

F: This move can be used much more quickly than the one on the previous stage, but I think the previous F was better. This move can be used to dodge somebody by jumping in the air, then deal damage. You can also use the F to get the opponent away from you.

C: Is mostly used in sync with the E move, but you can really use this at any time, to puch the opponent back, or just to try and deal some damage. However, this move can be dodged very easily, the more range, the more easily it can be dodged.

Well, that was my strategy guide on how to battle with Takizawa! Sorry I didn't include anything about battling against Takizawa, but somebody sles should fix that soon.

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