Ro-Ghoul Wiki

Tatara is a very expensive kagune, and also has a very powerful kakuja, with 7.5m RC cells needed to use it, and a level requirement of 1000. This strategy will talk about using and countering the kagune. Let's get into it:

Playing with Tatara

Stage 1
  • Click: The click move has a long range like its apparence shows. But while spamming or using it, you can't run nor dash and its cooldown is long compared to other kagune's click move. If possible, use this move when your opponent is stunned.
  • E: This move is the same as the E move expect it pushes around instead of pulling. It can be used in a combo where you use E first, then use F and after, you use the move to throw away your opponent, or it can be used when your opponent is sticking onto you and you want to throw him/her away or he/she is near you, about to use a strong move or combo.
  • R: It is exactly the same as the click move, as it only deals more damage and pulls your opponent near you. You can use it when your opponent is near you, and when he/she is caught in your move, you can use the F move to attack him/her and then use the R move to throw him/her away.
  • F: This move is very good for combos. Its downside though is that you can't move while using it. The best way to use it is to use the E move to pull your opponent near you first, then use the move to deal him/her the most damage you are able to do and then use the R move to throw him/her away.
Stage 2
  • Click: The click move is mostly useless, but can be made into a more powerful combo if you use the C special, allowing you to burn your opponent while fighting them. I wouldn't recommend using this move often, unless you want to use it for other than PVP or if the opponent is stunned.
  • E: This move is mostly useful for warding somebody off, since its easy to dodge. Not from you of course, because the closer they get the more you can attack, but perhaps you're protecting another player, and you want them away from him/her. Just don't miss, or your friend might be toast, unless you ally them. However, it still can be used as a normal attack. Use it well to ward of people and fight long ranged opponents, but make sure to rush in occasionally and strike with many close range moves, just don't be rash, because SSS Owl can easily defeat you if you rush in close range, and probably other things, too.
  • R: This is my favorite move Tatara has. It slams its two hammer arm on the ground, creating a ring of fire. Its very useful against players that use close range, wince while they attack you close range, you can create the ring of fire ,and they take a lot of damage. If somebody dives in for a quick close range hit, Just hit R at the right timing, and they'll just swing into the fire. You'd better block though.
  • F: This is a pretty good move, being able to combo with the R quickly would allow you to grab your opponent in the ring of fire, and keep them in that fiery mess a few more seconds. That would be a good trade for blocking. While you are using it on your opponent, you can spam the click move to deal more damage.
  • C: This could be a move used for trolling, by being AFK, and then have some people stabbing you, and then you ignite all of them. But that's not what I'm here for. Its good against users who use close range, because they have to get close in for their attack, then getting burnt, but some players close range is better than others, so they won't go directly next to you.

Playing Against Tatara

Stage 1
  • Click: This move is easy to dodge, as its long range only has effect in a straight line and your opponent is unable to run or dash while using it. Dodge side-ways or backwards to not get hit, and if possible, use a long range move to counter it.
  • E: This move is easy to counter. It is the same as the click move except it deals more damage and pulls you near your opponent. Keep a small distance between you and your enemy, and if possible, use long range moves while staying far away from him/her. If you get caught by your opponent into this move, block to avoid every cases of combo.
  • R: It is exactly the same as the E move except your enemy pushes around instead of pulling. Stay away from your enemy, and use long range moves to him/her if possible. If you get hit by this move, dash backwards to stay away from your opponent.
  • F: It's your opponent's strongest move, be careful to not get hit by it by staying away from your enemy, dashing side-ways or backwards and/or distracting him/her to let your opponent use this move, to have a chance to attack your enemy. If you get caught in this move, block to minimalize the damage.
Stage 2
  • Click: This move is very easy to dodge. Just dodge side-ways or backwards to not get hit by your enemy, and if possible, use a long range move to counter it. Its not usual for Tatara to use it in PVP, so they're most likely trying to troll you, or anger you.
  • E: This attack is also easy to dodge. Just dash to either side, just make sure you're not being warded off from anything, and dodge to the right side, or maybe I should say, correct side. Also, make sure you aren't using any attack that take a bit of time to charge up when this attack comes at you.
  • R: This attack isn't very easy to dodge while doing close range, so the best thing to do is to stick to long range. If you have a weapon that does close range, then make sure you can get out of the area very quickly, or stun your opponent so they can't attack. Rotten Follow and Tsukiyama are great for this.
  • F: This move is very hard to see coming. Just stay away from Tatara, and you should be fine. If you're using close range, its best to have a move that stuns, or Tatara might be able to pull of a quick F. And, getting hit by the R will probably result in getting hit by the F and taking tons of damage. While you are caught by your opponent in this move, you can use block to try to receive the less damage as you can.
  • C: This is a move you can't exactly dodge, but just try to stay away from Tatara and use long range to not get burnt. If you use close range, then you'll need to quickly use a stun move, and then pull of a very quick combo and getaway, so your opponent doesn't have the chance to use his R or his F. This will result in you getting burnt, but Tatara will have taken more damage then you. Just make sure to do these attacks as much as possible, because when you're on fire, you continuously take damage, so you need to eliminate Tatara ASAP.

So, all this means Tatara is useful for running into close range and pulling off tons of moves, and using them well timed to hurt close ranged opponents trying to attack you.

And to defeat Tatara, you mostly need to focus on being quick, dodging attacks, and long range. Close range that can stun and dash very quickly like Rotten Follow and Tsukiyama will have some trouble taking Tatara down, but they can do it if they're careful.