Hello! My name is Specialerity and its tips is about CCG not ghoul! Remember patience is the key to make grind easy. Let's get started! Also i am a ghoul not CCG. If there's a wrong information here, Comment!

First Tip: Codes

Codes are important. Redeem them all and it will help it.

Second Tip: Quinques

13's Jason is best for farming, i heavily recommend this when your a beginner. IXA and Narukami are strongest quinques. After 13's Jason, You need to buy Scorpion, its best quinque for beginners.

Third Tip: RC or Yen?

Ghouls need RC while CCG needs Yen! CCG doesnt need RC (unless your quinque is Doujima). CCG needs yen because if you want to be better, you need Yen especially Arata (which is a armor).

Fourth Tip: Stats

Stats help your career, it adds your damage (Quinque), durability, speed, physical. But theres more. You need 100 points on Physical to make it max, 200 points for Speed to make it max. Durability and Quinque is infinite.

Fifth Tip: Farming

If your a beginner, CCG NPCs doesnt hurt you if you hurt them making your farm easier. That is why CCG is easier than Ghoul. You need to farm CCG until Level 1000 using 13's Jason, if you have enough yen then continue the farm using Scorpion Quinque.

Sixth Tip: Trainers:

Dont use trainers yet if your Level 1000, it will ruin your career. But you can only do One Trainer only. The corpse trainer. It will help double your Yen and RC if you have this train.

Thats it! Bye!

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