Tips for Beginner: Hello, my name is Specialerity and i have experience on Ro-Ghoul. Before we start, to do this tips, you gotta be patient or you won't succeed. Let's start

First Tip: Codes

If you join the game, you need codes to start your farm, codes like RC, Yen. It helps make it easier. Like 500,000 Yen and lot of RC.

Second Tip: Kagune

There are actually types of kagune. Glass, Balanced, Tank.

Glass - Kagune/Quinque (also known Damage) is the highest stat. If your damage is highest stat, you are considered as Glass but this may not work on kagunes that is not Glass.

Balanced - Not strong, Not weak. Just normal. Balanced.

Tank: Durability (also known Health), if this your highest stat, you're considered as Tank but this may not work on kagunes that is not Tank

Third Tip: Starter Kagune Your new and you have 500,000 Yen! You go to Kakuhou Shop (A place where you buy kagunes). There are three kagunes that have price 500,000 Yen. Touka Kirishma, Nishiki Nishio, Ken Kaneki. The best starter kagune is Ken Kaneki because it got good things there. Dont Buy Touka. Buy Ken Kaneki or Nishiki Nishio since its Kakuja is decent.

Fourth Tip: Stats Stats changes your durability, speed, physical, Kagune (Damage). If you add Focus (Points) on one of stats, it will add. But Remember there is max points. 

Physical - 100 (max)

Speed - 200 (max)

Durabilty - Infinite

Kagune - Infinite

Fifth Tip: Methods for Farming If you want AFK Farm. I suggest you will farm on Kakuhou Shop (where you buy kagunes). If you don't do AFK Farm and plus its a faster RC Farm. You need farm on Aogiri Triangle. (Place with 4 aogiris) Or Faster Yen Farm, You need to farm on CCG Triangle (Place with 4 CCGs). Triangle Method needs more patience.

Sixth Tip: NPCs

If your farming for Yen, farm CCG, if your farming for RC. Farm Aogiri. If your level 750+, Farm Eto, it got more RC and Yen.

Thats it! If you follow this tips! It will make you become Pro! But that is not easy. To be Pro. You need Patience. Ro-Ghoul is grindy but if you have patience, it will become easier. 

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