hi im vonwoenselgamer and today im gonna help you newbies a bit lets get started: tip one: dont attack people randomly. somehow the new people think they can take on everyone that brings us to tip two:you cant take on everybody it cold be truethat you have a god kagune like takizawa but that doesnt mean youre also strong tip three: dont camp in the safezone this is banable and not funfor others. if people keep killing you just tell them to stop,leave or befriend a pro (like me lol)tip four: how good it may seem dont spend all your focus on kagune\quinque it makes you weak since your other stats wont mean anything anymore so spreqd your focus tip five:dont attack humans if you are in the state of at least having 100 kaguna\qunque and 100 durabi@ity if you have this or you are even higher just attavk investigators and aoviri they give waaaay more rc and yen tip six: be tactical not just spam your moves think before you actually use them this helps me alot in battlestipsecen: ifyou see someone with a glowing swird wi th electricity around it then i know a good combo esc followed by l and then enterthat was it for now (ill updatethisand make it have brtter grammar later)

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