Hello friends, gentle men and ladies. This is my first blog about the Scorpion 1/56 so hope u guys like it :).

Using Scorpion 1/56

  • Click: The main attack of this quinque ( in case if the cooldown takes too long) which has a pretty short cooldown ( about 1.0 sec) with an average range and medium damage. Good if using when your enemy is stun or combo with F or E
  • E: A short and fast dash for the quinque. Good for running or closing your target. This attack pretty to predict or avoid or can be good for assasin the target.Be wise when you choose this move to approach your target
  • R:This attack range is isanely far and fast, but pretty hard to hit if you bad at aiming. Still, if you manage to hit 4 knifes at your target in a row then be amazed to the damage it causes
  • F:The most famous move when players use this quinque (along with the E). It cause damge and stun target at the same time so it will be a good choice to start any combo with this move.Also fly with high speed and range like the E move

Playing against the Scorpion 1/56

  • Click : Basically dodgeable if u're not stun by the F move 
  • E: Mainly the uers will use this in a straight line so mostly dodgeable
  • R: Try to dodge them as much as possible. Due to the knives are really hard to see so it's quite hard to dodge
  • ​​​​​​​F: Stun u on contact so try to dodge this with all cost. U dont want to get stun and eat 4 knives in a row.
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