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Yamori is a Rinkaku kagune that takes the shape of two tails both covered in spikes. It's odd nature quickly shows that it is different than the classic Rinkaku due it's rather spiky nature. This kagune was used by the psychotic and notorious ghoul Yakumo Oomori or "Jason". This Kagune is strictly used for up-close combat. The first stage being able to keep foes close to them with a grab and able to close the distance with a special dash. The kakuja form is the same in up-close combat, however, it uses grabs and punches to immobilize a target and deal heavy damage. Both kagunes utilize close combat to their advantage and being able to maintain their foes being up close to them.


  • This kagune is one of the few kagunes in the game that increases the user's size.
  • This is one of the kagunes that are not used by any NPC

Stage 1

The first stage of this kagune takes the form of two tentacles lined with spikes. In this first stage, one is capable of closing distances with the final move and keeping them close.

Keybind Description GIF
Click A whipping knock-back that knocks back for a long duration.
E Toggle-able Special 1 that spins your kagune around you and allows you to run very fast like a Naruto-run. Knocks opponents back. Can stop grabbed, stunned,(etc) attacks.
R A lunge forward, dealing 0.75 on hit and 0.75 on a 4 seconds duration bleed. If the target hit is already bleeding however, it does a bonus 0.75 true damage.
F A piercing lunge that grabs the target, then flings them off of the kagune afterwards.

Stage 2

The YamoK1 is the incomplete kakuja form of the Yamo1. It encases the right arm in a four-pronged arm. The head and torso are also enveloped in the casing of this kakuja. The left arm has a band along the bicep. In this state, the screen begins to shake similar to the first stage kakuja of the Rinkaku kagune. This kakuja is strictly close-ranged combat and for getting foes away from you.

  • Requirements : 1,000,000 (1M) RC Cells
Keybind Description GIF
Click/Q You slam to the ground, creating a shockwave that does medium damage.
Jak click
E You slap your opponent often stunning them or sending them flying from you. This does a medium amount of damage on impact.
Jak e
R You grab your target and slam them into the ground. This attack does medium damage upon use.
Jak r
F You grab your target and throw them in a great distance from you. Upon use, it does high damage.
Jak f
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